Can’t Wait 100yrs for the look you want?

I absolutely L-O-V-E when I unearth a gem like this out of a dusty old barn!

The flaky, old layers of crusty paint each colour working together to create this masterpiece!


Well I don’t have as much time to go rooting through the countryside looking through barns these days. Sometimes you just have to take

matters in your own hands and create the look you want!  Thankfully Amy Howard makes it easy to recreate the cracked patina finish on old pieces.

Cracked Patina button

I started with two coats of Atelier One Step paint on both sides of this really heavy old door.  Cracked patina is thick like honey so you want to make sure you shake it up really well.  Resist the urge to paint this on too thick, one thin full coat will do the trick.


For a large project like this I find it best to work in sections.  I have found that drying time can vary depending on the season and

temperature of my studio.  Once the cracked patina is dry it looks shiny and slick.


This next step is when the magic happens! I chose Vintage Affliction One Step for my next colour.  If you haven’t used this colour yet you should give it serious consideration because it is gorgeous!  I am a little light on the photos for the next couple steps so here is Amy Howard’s cracked patina video to get you through the last part.  Its ok go on and check it out now!



This is just one of the looks you can create with cracked patina.  You are only limited by your imagination…my next challenge is to recreate the look of this old gal!


What colours would you combine to create your perfect door?

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