If you want something bad enough…

Last spring after falling in love with Annie Sloan paint I decided to take the plunge and begin this amazing… although crazy creative journey.  I decided in addition to stalking every DIY/home décor blog on the planet, I would finally create my own.  I have always known that one day I would have my own business doing something I love!  I kept putting it off and making excuses…it was never the right time… I don’t have the money… I need to do more research, and by research I mean OBSESS over the details!  One very late evening last spring Operation Magpie was born…after a business and domain name search determined it was not already being used by anyone else that is.  I dove in head first and chased my dream.  I registered my business and purchased the domain name.  After my initial panic attack….what did I just get myself into moment in the middle of the night, I went to bed and dreamed of the next step.

This is what came next… I have no before picture…as I said, I am very new at this.

As you can see in my not so great picture, that is not the only thing I was busy painting.  I think it turned out pretty great!

Happy Monday!

mini bird footprint signature


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