Lots of rain & lessons learned

We participated in our first craft show ever, two weeks ago. For an over thinker like myself, this was a nerve racking experience. I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how much stock I should carry, how many people generally attend the event… we were going in blind! Even though it turned out to be a slow rainy Sunday it was a very valuable experience!

20131128-005007.jpg   20131128-005025.jpg   20131128-005046.jpg

Lesson 1: Don’t let fear hold you back! I had a very real fear of driving the cargo van that carried all our treasures and our tired behinds to the event. I am not a tall woman, and I’m not lying when I say I could barely see in the drivers window while standing on the ground! Thank goodness my co-pilot was too sleepy to take a picture! I am proud to say I even backed that thing up like a pro!

20131128-005104.jpg   20131128-005144.jpg   20131128-005206.jpg

Lesson 2: Take pride in what you do! I was so worried that we would not look professional enough because we didn’t have proper signage and we had never done anything like this before! We surprised even ourselves by how it all fell into place perfectly! We met some great women who gave us such lovely compliments!

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Success isn’t always measured by $$$, it was a good day!


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