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Lots of rain & lessons learned

We participated in our first craft show ever, two weeks ago. For an over thinker like myself, this was a nerve racking experience. I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how much stock I should carry, how many people generally attend the event… we were going in blind! Even though it turned out to be a slow rainy Sunday it was a very valuable experience!

20131128-005007.jpg   20131128-005025.jpg   20131128-005046.jpg

Lesson 1: Don’t let fear hold you back! I had a very real fear of driving the cargo van that carried all our treasures and our tired behinds to the event. I am not a tall woman, and I’m not lying when I say I could barely see in the drivers window while standing on the ground! Thank goodness my co-pilot was too sleepy to take a picture! I am proud to say I even backed that thing up like a pro!

20131128-005104.jpg   20131128-005144.jpg   20131128-005206.jpg

Lesson 2: Take pride in what you do! I was so worried that we would not look professional enough because we didn’t have proper signage and we had never done anything like this before! We surprised even ourselves by how it all fell into place perfectly! We met some great women who gave us such lovely compliments!

20131128-005215.jpg   20131128-005224.jpg   20131128-005305.jpg


Success isn’t always measured by $$$, it was a good day!


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Vintage Paper LOVE!

Lately I have made a series of vintage paper wreaths.  You’ll have to forgive me, some of the pictures were taken at the last minute.



I have saved the best for last!  I can’t lie this one was painful to let go of, vintage paper this colour is not easy to come by!



I’m glad I at least took some nice photos before I delivered it to my very grateful client.

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Catching up is hard to do…

I have a real weakness for sideboards!  They are by far my favourite pieces to paint.  This is one I did for my own dining room.  I also have the matching dining table and chairs.  Unfortunately you all will have to wait until I get my act together and take some blog worthy photos.

federal sideboard#7

federal sideboard#13

federal sideboard#12

I used my favourite ASCP colour Paris grey!

I wanted a barn board look for the top so I layered washes of various shades of grey, white and taupe.  I finished it off with a couple coats of clear wax and buffed it really well for a nice shine!

I think I will have this one for a while!

Enjoy your weekend :)

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Funky Junk Inspiration

I just had to share another project I just finished.  Funky Junk Interiors is on my regular list of blogs I read almost daily.  Donna’s work is fantastic!  If you haven’t checked her out yet, you can here!  I love that she is a fellow Canadian gal and her work is so inspiring!  I love so many of her pieces… but my favourite is her Route 66 cabinet.  I loved it so much I made one myself.

This little beauty was caked in heavy layers of various shades of latex paint.  Unfortunately my before photos were taken after I stripped the top and drawer fronts and repainted the body in ASCP Old white with dark wax.


I used ASCP Olive for the Route 66 Image.  I was so excited with the final results…and so was my client!

Here it is!

 Thanks for the inspiration Donna!

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Catching Up!

I have been a very bad blogger as of late.  I have been busy working, painting and well…with everything else except blogging.

I do however have some photos to recap my last few months away.



I was racing like a mad woman to finish my new dining room table, chairs and sideboard for my Dining room before I had 20 people at my door on Christmas Day.  I had everything but the seats upholstered before the big day.  Sadly they are still MIA!

You can however see a beautiful before pic of my chairs here!

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A woman obsessed…

In case you are just joining my blog already in progress, I am documenting my creative journey into the beautiful world of DIY/Home décor blog land.  In the beginning I’m not sure I got much sleep…I became an internet stalker… Gasp… I was obsessed with all the inspiring blogs out there!  It’s a miracle I actually get anything done!  Between all my blog stalking… I mean research, and my never ending search for the next project … I was also madly trying design a logo and business card… and finish my painting projects so I could continue to fund my new found passion.  Did I mention I also work full time and I’m happily married with a highly energetic son in grade 2?  Are you tired yet…I sure am.  In the madness I found this old hutch…I apologize again for not having a proper before photo, I do however have a horrendous picture of the hutch courtesy of kijiji.


There is the after photo…

Hutch base

I was really very proud of this when I finished it, despite the not so great pictures.  Although it did eventually turn into this little masterpiece

And happily found a new home!

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If you want something bad enough…

Last spring after falling in love with Annie Sloan paint I decided to take the plunge and begin this amazing… although crazy creative journey.  I decided in addition to stalking every DIY/home décor blog on the planet, I would finally create my own.  I have always known that one day I would have my own business doing something I love!  I kept putting it off and making excuses…it was never the right time… I don’t have the money… I need to do more research, and by research I mean OBSESS over the details!  One very late evening last spring Operation Magpie was born…after a business and domain name search determined it was not already being used by anyone else that is.  I dove in head first and chased my dream.  I registered my business and purchased the domain name.  After my initial panic attack….what did I just get myself into moment in the middle of the night, I went to bed and dreamed of the next step.

This is what came next… I have no before picture…as I said, I am very new at this.

As you can see in my not so great picture, that is not the only thing I was busy painting.  I think it turned out pretty great!

Happy Monday!

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Today is the day!  To all my imaginary internet friends… today I’m sharing something I continually struggle with.  Today I am writing my first “real” blog post.  I have been putting it off until my blog was the way I envisioned it in my head.  I finally accepted the simple fact that I will never be as ready as I would like to be.  I have faith that it will …..Eventually…. be as fantastic as it is in my head.  The only problem is…I know very little about actually building a blog … (sigh).  I have a dream and a vision in addition to the ever growing pile of furniture in desperate need of some love.  That’s enough right?  So today I’m going to share some pictures of my new work space…that’s right people, I am no longer painting out of my dining room.  It may not look like much…but it is a little piece of heaven for me…and my family since I’m not cluttering up my house with all my projects.


Thanks for listening…I have the best imaginary internet friends a girl could ask for!

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