FAQ: Amy Howard Collection

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Where are Amy Howard at Home products made?

Amy Howard at Home® products are all proprietary formulations and are made in the USA.

Are Amy Howard at Home products eco-friendly?

All the paints, legno, stains, antiquing glazes, and plasters are eco-friendly.

What is the shelf life span for Amy Howard at Home products?

The shelf life for plasters is 100 years and the shelf life of the paints are upwards of one year, left unopened. Once opened, the Toscana Milk Paints™ have a shelf life of six months. The Legno Gesso, once mixed with water, is good for three weeks and should be kept refrigerated.

Can the Zinc Solution be applied to any metal?

The Amy Howard at Home® Zinc Solution can be used on copper and sheet metal.

How closely do I need to adhere to your instructions to get the same/similar effect?

You should adhere to the posted instructions as closely as possible. The antiquing process, however, is as individual as the person doing it.

Are Amy Howard at Home products for trained professionals? Do I need any prior experience?

We highly recommend attending a workshop, so we can give you suggestions and any tips and tricks to improve your skills.